Monday, 12 March 2012

2012 Australian Grand Prix Preview

Many of us were waiting for the Formula One season to kick off and so this week for the first time in the history of Formula One, we will see 6 world champions on the grid with their massive 18’000hp.

Welcome to my blog of Formula One and I hope you all will have an amazing time this season. I bet if you will not ;)

As the first round of Formula One approaches to the Albert Park, many of the F1 teams and their respective crew members have started their way to Melbourne. The circuit itself is in the centre of the city around a lake. It is considered that the circuit is one of the first – rate circuit with the best facilities.

With the twelve days of pre –season testing, looks like all the teams are geared up for this season. HRT car failed to do more laps during the testing whereas only last week Marussia’s car successfully passed its mandatory crash tests.

I reckon Ferrari’s are still struggling to know their F2012. McLaren and Lotus car looked smoother. But yes we have to see this Saturday how these car do well in the competition level.

Red bull looks stronger but the question comes here is that: Will Red bull dominate this year too with the Newey’s design?

Sebastian Vettel: "Testing has been busy over the last few weeks and I think we have made a decent step with the car. You never really know where you are until we get to Melbourne and even then you don't really see what everyone has got until qualifying - so I'm looking forward to getting started.”

The track is clockwise with few blind corner, 90- degree corners, 58 laps, 16 turns and with two DRS activation Zone.

Pirelli, the official tyre supplier of the Formula One had announced last month that for the first race, all the teams will be supplied with the soft and the medium compound tyres.

Hence, to sum up, I would say that this GP has to be the action packed.