Wednesday, 22 June 2011

European Grand Prix Preview

After the two street races, third street race for the Formula One season will take place at the circuit of Valencia this weekend.

The circuit is situated at the dockside, the temperatures is between 30°C to 40 °C maximum in June. The track was designed by Hermann Tilke. It has 57 laps and 25 corners where turn 9 and 10 are the trickiest corner to overtake. It will be the debut of the Pirelli's Medium tyre compound in the race. Along with it Pirelli's Soft tyre compound will be used as the option tyres, two DRS activation Zone. Qualifying will be very important for the drivers at the track of Valencia.

Track has a variety of tight corners and has a very less chance to overtake. Its first inaugural Grand Prix was in year 2008 where Felipe Massa who drove from Ferrari’s was the winner. But this year Ferrari’s is struggling hard to beat their rivals.

Scuderia’s Chief Designer, Nikolas Tombazis is very optimistic despite of their lesser points for winning the championship title. “How well these next few race go will decide whether or not we feel we are still in with a chance of fighting for the championships this year, even if we are quite a long way behind in the points.”

He also added that coming four races will be very important for their team moreover they will introduce some more upgrades with many changes in their cars at the British Grand Prix.

McLaren has reason to stay more positive for wining the race this weekend after the brilliant performance shown by Jenson Button at the Canadian Grand Prix. Whilst his team made Lewis Hamilton had a collision with Button which lead him to retired the race.

Lewis has been in limelight since few races for his aggressive driving and over takings. Do you reckon is it because he does not have a fast car as Red Bull’s or that he is putting to much pressure on him while driving for wining the races?

Despite of many criticism, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone defence that "I have seen a lot of drivers in my time, a lot of great drivers, I have seen them come and seen them go. And I tell you, Lewis is one of the best. People pay to watch him. He is a racer. He is exciting and that's what everyone wants. That's what people pay to see. Yes, of course, he is involved in some incidents, but if he wasn't then he wouldn't be a racer would he?"

Mercedes’ Michael Schumacher had his best encouraging weekend so far and for the team as well at Canadian Grand Prix. After being so close to P3, he manages to secure his place at P4. I hope that both the drivers come up with better results at the European Grand Prix

Force India’s drivers had a bad time at the Canadian Grand Prix. Both drivers ended up with the unsatisfying results for the fans and the team. Force India’s chairman and team Principal, Dr Vijay Mallya is very optimistic about this weekend race “After the low downforce challenge of Montreal, its back to high downforce in Valencia. We continue to push hard with the development of the car, mainly on the aero side with several small detailed additions this weekend.”

So what do you reckon, who will win the race at the European Grand Prix? Vettel can still dominate this weekend with his RB7? Will Force India be able to gain some points or better results? How stiffness is going to affect the setup of the car?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hamilton: No reason to leave McLaren

There are many speculations going about Lewis that he might switch over to his rival team Redbull for the year 2013, as the Driver’s deal with the McLaren is suppose to be end in year 2012.

According to the Autosport, Lewis was seen with the Red bull’s team Principal Christian Horner at the Circuit in the Red Bull hospitality area for 15 minutes in a private at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Saturday.

On Tuesday, during the event at the Watkins Glen circuit in upstate New York. The 2008 Formula One World Champion was interviewed, where he replied to media that “I will have no reason to leave McLaren so long as they can give him a winning car". “I don’t see why you would particularly want to move when you have the most competitive car,”

Further more he added that he has lot to achieve in Formula One itself. He will never stop racing too.

However recently there have been many controversies about his attitude and his aggressive driving. The British superstar who won in year 2008 has fail to won the championship since 2 years. Do you think that the reason is because of the car which is not been as fast as Red bull’s car or his aggressive driving because of not wining any championship after the year 2008.

Well, I don’t reckon that the reason should be a car. He has a competitive car that is capable of winning races. Adding to his achievements, he won in China whereas his team mate Jenson Button won in Montreal. But the concern is that his car is not as fast as Red Bull this season. Vettel winning 5 times out of 7 races this year is somewhat to think about that if it at all affecting Lewis driving and the pressure towards winning the race.

In one of the leading newspapers “The Telegraph” Hamilton Said "I grew up wanting to be Formula One world champion

“I've definitely not achieved all that I want to. I'll definitely be spending as much time there until I do achieve what I've always wanted to do. In terms of where I am, I'm again just very fortunate to be a part of McLaren

"It's one of the best teams there, again with great history. We have a car that is capable of winning, as my team-mate showed at the weekend. We are the only other team that has won Grands Prix this year."

McLaren’s Lewis is a driver who is always ready to take a risk where he doesn’t keep intention to hurt someone else during the race. His keep the true passion for his driving. The only reason I could think is, he is frustrated about not winning the races which is leading him to drive aggressively and commenting silly jokes on Stewards and the drivers which leads his impression as a frustrated driver.

However he is very optimistic that his car can still win the races this year.

So do you reckon that he can win at the Valencia Grand Prix which is in two weeks from now??

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Renault Kubica might come back to F1 this year

After the horrifying rally crash in February this year in Italy, Polish Formula One Driver Robert Kubica suffered serious injuries. His manager Daniel Morelli reckons that he might be able to race at the Brazilian Grand Prix in November this year.

During the crash he suffered a serious leg and arm injuries which lead him to spend 10 weeks at the Santa Corona Hospital in Pietra Ligure for his treatment. However, He will go through the final surgery of his arm today in Genoa.

His manager said to one of the Italian newspaper the Gazzetta dello Sport that "Robert is progressing positively. The right leg is fine. If that was the problem, he would practically be ready. That's not our worry."

“The Italian GP is held in September, so it’s in just three months’ time, but we can think about the final race of the season.”

“In any case, when Robert gets in the simulator, he’ll immediately understand whether he’s able to come back, how and when, without the need of a stop-watch.”

Despite of his contract to race with Renault’ is firm till next year alongside Vitaly Petrov. Renault Team Principal Eric Boullier is not sure if he will be able to comeback this year or by next year. He also said that they are fully committed towards his recovery.

"We are now having discussions with his management to see how we can do it. But I would like to wait to see Robert's decision and then work out if we go to a different plan or not.

"I have been told he will be starting his full rehabilitation in August, which is late. But we have to make a decision around then." says Boullier.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lewis: Vettel's gone he's on his way, they're very hard for us to catch at this rate

The Redbull' Sebastian Vettel won his sixth pole in seven races. He had a crash on Friday morning into the wall near the turn 13 and 14. Many of the legendary drivers had a crash earlier in the same wall and so the wall is named as the ‘wall of Champions’, where Vettel’s added his name to the same list at Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Although he suffered from the crash in the firs practice, the Red bull’s team did a fantastic job where Vettlel’s set the fastest time lap of 1minute 13.014 seconds. Whereas his team mate Mark Webber was fourth fastest in the Q3.

Ferraris did a brilliant job through the weekend. Alonso set the second fastest time lap in Q3 and his team mate Massa was third fastest on the grid.

We saw Lewis Hamilton who got penalised in the Monaco Grand Prix was struggling to beat his rivals in the Qualifying. He was fifth fastest on the grid and Jenson Seventh.

"We are just very slow this weekend," he said.”It appears the other guys have maybe made a step forward. I pushed beyond the limit on my lap because I knew we weren't as competitive as the guys in front. We're not in the worst position but we'd like to be higher up

"I don't think I've ever driven the car so hard; I was on such a ragged edge. I think I even touched the wall at one stage. I got everything I could from it, with also trying to use the tow of another car because we're so slow on the straight. We're 10km/h, maybe 12, slower on the straight so losing a couple of 10ths on the back straight.

"I just want to finish tomorrow and hopefully get some points. Vettel's gone he's on his way, they're very hard for us to catch at this rate. I don't know when we have anything coming but I really hope sometime soon we'll have something positive come to the car." says Lewis.

Virgin Jerome D’Ambrosio will race in Canadian Grand Prix despite falling to qualifying in 107% time.

Despite falling to qualify yesterday, race stewards have given him a green signal to race at the Canadian Grand Prix. Due to his best time set up in the first practice for 1: 19.414 seconds in qualifying whereas Vettlel had set up the time of 1:13.014 and with the 107% time cuts off was 1:18.989seconds.

“I am very appreciative of the fact the stewards have permitted me to race and I’m now focusing on tomorrow,” said Jerome D’Ambrosio

So we will see him racing today and he will start the race from the 24th position on the grid.

Sauber Sergio Perez is replaced by Pedro De La Rosa

The Mexican rookie Perez who suffered a crash at the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks back was very confident to race at the Montreal Grand Prix.

After the Friday’s first practice took place, he suffered a pain and so he confirmed that he will not be able to continue to race this weekend.

Moreover, he added "Of course I wanted to drive and I had no doubt I was all right, but apparently this is unfortunately not the case”.

Although he had gone through medical checkups on Thursday where FIA medical delegate Jean Charles Piette declared him fit.

Due to the absence of their reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez they called Pedro De La Rosa’s who was dropped by Sauber last year at the end of the season. As he drove for them last year and so it was very obvious that they would call him for the race. Pedro De La Rosa is a test driver for McLaren this year.

However,we will see him driving today alongside Kamui Kobayashi at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Hispania is happy with the new upgrades

HRT’ aims for the better performance for today’s race as they had introduced the aero upgrades, the new exhaust, and the new rear wing on Friday which they think is a positive step for future races and they hope for some better results.
Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “For tomorrow we don’t know the weather conditions, the forecast is rain but this could change. If it rains it will be a crazy grand prix, it could turn out to be a lottery which traditionally favours the smaller teams”.

Narain Karthikeyan had a problem with his front left wing where he stuggled to set the time but being very nearer to their rivals he feels that they can beat them . “My front left wheel locked up when braking hard so I lost a bit of time on that, apart from that I’d say it was not the best lap but we’re very close to both being ahead of our nearest rivals”

Moreover, Luizzi’ says that 107% rule will not be a problem anymore and with the new upgrades they will be able to understand the system for the long run.

Looks like both of the HRT’s drivers are very happy with the upgrades. I Hope they beat their rivals and stay ahead of the Virgin’s.

Perez will not race in Canada

Perez will not be racing today at the Canadian Grand Prix due to the injury he had in the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks back.

However he was very optimistic on Wednesday that he would be able to race at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. He had to go through the medical test on Thursday which was set by the FIA.

Although he did clear out the test on Thursday but was ill on Friday’s first practice. Further more he added “"Of course I wanted to drive and I had no doubt I was alright but apparently this is unfortunately not the case,"

"I am deeply disappointed. I spoke to the team after the session and told them that I'm not a 100% fit. I only want to drive when I'm 100% well. I need some more time to recover".

Hope he gets well soon and we see him racing at European Grand Prix!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Vicky Chandhok: The race will take place without any sort of problems

Following so many controversies on getting Bahrain GP back to F1 calendar this year, is now thinking to drop it from the calender after the teams and drivers asking to re-think on the decision. The bahrain GP officials have withdrawn from re-scheduling the race which means that indian gp will get back its original october date."

On 14June the FIA will give their final decision on this issue.

However, Indian organisers are confident that the venue will be all set to host its first ever Formula 1’ race this year.

Construction of the circuit is well underway, with an August 2011 deadline set to allow for FIA safety checks and is subject to homologation of the circuit.

Moreover Vicky Chandhok who is currently president of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs in India had said “that the circuit would be ready ahead of its schedule as planned and he is confident that the race will take place without any sort of problems”

So are guys are looking forward to the Indian Grand Prix?

Bahrain Grand prix is finally cancelled

After a long awaited decision from FIA, Bahrain Grand Prix will not take place this year. The race which was due to be host as a season opener of the Formula One season was cancelled due to civil unrest in the Gulf kingdom since February.

On Last week FIA announced that the Bahrain Grand Prix will take place of the Indian Grand Prix which was due to be host in October whereas Indian Grand Prix was reschedule for the December slot.

But again this Friday the organisers of the Bahrain Grnad Prix declared that the race will not take place due to the unstable situation in Bahrain.

"Whilst Bahrain would have been delighted to see the grand prix progress on October 30th... it has been made clear that this fixture cannot progress and we fully respect that decision"

"We want our role in Formula 1 to continue to be as positive and constructive as it has always been, therefore, in the best interest of the sport, we will not pursue the rescheduling of a race this season." says Bahrain circuit chairman Zayed Alzayani.

As we saw few drivers had given their concern for the Bahrain Grand Prix and so not many drivers or teams were optimistic about competing their at the gulf kingdom.

Moreover adding on to this there was an online signatories demand to boycott the race which was filled by more then a million.

However, Bahrain Grand Prix is schedule for the 2012 as a season opener and Indian Grand prix has been back to its October slot as it was decided by the FIA early this year.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Canadian Grand Prix preview

The seventh championship round of the Formula one Season is on this weekend at the Montreal. Gilles Villeneuve is very popular race track, has panoramic view and one of the tough circuits for the drivers, with the esse into the first corner, two hairpins, high bumpiness, and the low down force.

The first ever Grand Prix was held at year 1978. The circuit is situated on the narrow island in the St Lawrence River.

With this year new regulations, the race will be more interesting to watch. Especially with the KERS, Pirelli tyres and two Drag Reduction System (DRS) zone which will be good to see how teams cope with the breaking temperatures and minimum three pit stops.

However, the supersoft and soft tyres will be used in the Montreal. Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery said “the reason we are going super soft and soft is that you want to have grip from the tyre, if you go with something too hard then you end wheel-spinning, tyres grain and they get consumed even quicker.”

So far this year Redbull’s Sebastian vettel has won 5 races out of 6 races. I reckon this time he can win the race too but then that Lewis being a close competitor has got enormous chances to win at the Canadian Grand Prix.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton has won twice, been on pole three times. His first Grand prix win was in year 2007 and then in year 2010. It’s one of the favourite tracks for Lewis. “Montreal is a very special place for me," says Lewis.

Apart from Redbull’s and McLaren’s there are chances that Renault, Force India can gain some points. Moreover, Ferrari’s is not to behind of Redbull’s and McLaren. Fernando Alonso has shown his great driving talent staying right behind Vettel at the Monaco Grand Prix. He had won in year 2006 when he drove for Renault.

Well just two days to go for the Friday’s first free practice. We will see one more amazing race of this season. So enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sergio Perez is confident to race at the Canadian GP

Sauber's Sergio Perez will race this weekend in the Canadian Grand Prix. After the horrible crash that took place at the Monaco Grand Prix a week back, he is looking forward to race this weekend’s. Mexican race hero Sergio Perez keeps a high hopes to reach podium and get some points this year for him and his team.

He tells in the one of the interview by “Mexico today” that he is suffering from pain and leg injury but he is ready to race. "I'm perfectly fine, just some pain - but now it is going away and I really recover quite quick. The accident? I can't believe it was only a few days ago but I am very motivated now."

Although he is quite motivated after the crash that took place in qualifying where he was hospitalise for 2 days in Monte Carlo. He also added that “he had drifted slightly wide going through the tunnel after adjusting some settings in the cockpit”

However, he is confident enough to race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Before the Friday’s free practice he has to go through the medical test where he hopes that he will pass the necessary test which is set by the FIA on this Thursday.

For more information on Perez you can visit:

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Will Indian GP be hosted in October?

Indian Grand Prix which was initially schedule for 28.29.30 October but later it was moved by the FIA to the December slot to accommodate Bahrain Grand Prix.

Due to the unrest in the city of Gulf since February, the Bahrain GP which was due to held on 13 March was cancelled. Whereas on Friday, FIA again reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix to the F1 calendar for the month of December. But the current situation in the Bahrain is still not stable, which is worrying all the F1 teams and the drivers.

Max Mosley, the former head of world motorsport thinks that the Bahrain Grand Prix will not take place and so the Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone “the Gulf state is not as stable as the FIA suggests and he is trying to overturn the reinstatement of the race”.

However, the Indian Grand Prix organisers are optimistic that the Buddh Circuit will be ready on time and no matter if the Indian Grand Prix will be held in October or December. Further more, Vicky Chandhok, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) stated that the circuit will be ready by end of October which was originally planned and the preparation are in the full force to host the first ever race in India without any changes in the construction Plan.

The uncertainty towards hosting the race is still not clear. This is leading to confusion not only to the organisers but also the officials, teams and the fans too.

Will F1 teams boycott Bahrain GP?

After all the controversies, Bahrain GP is back on the F1 calendar. Whereas inaugural Indian Grand Prix will now be the Season Finale i.e. 9th, 10th & 11th December, 2011

The Bahrain Grand prix was earlier scheduled for 13 March as a season opener, but was cancelled due to civil unrest in the Gulf kingdom since February. This lead to declaration by the King of Bahrain as a “State of emergency”.

However, there are still many peculations that the situation in Bahrain is not under control and not safe to host the race.

F1 teams & the human rights campaigners have criticized that hosting a race in Bahrain will not be safe.While FIA president Jean Todt believes that the “the FIA is happy that Bahrain is now safe enough to hold the race - having sent Spanish motorsport federation Chief Carlos Gracia there for a recent fact-finding mission”.

Moreover, the Campaign director Alex Wilks criticised saying to the BBC “Claims that calm has been restored and life is back to normal in Bahrain are completely untrue”. He also added saying that the police are still using sound grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas to injure the local public.

Redbull’ driver Mark Webber was the first driver to declare publicly that "Even though a decision has been made, I'll be highly surprised if the Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead this year”.

F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone believes that the Situation at Bahrain is not stable and so he will called for a new vote to cancel the Bahrain grand prix and reschedule the date to December rather the on 30October.

"Better that we move Bahrain to the end of the season and, if things are safe and well, then that is fine, we can go," "If they are not, then we don't go and there are no problems."We can change this 30 October date by having a vote, by fax if necessary." says Bernie.

Max Mosley, the former head of world motorsport speaks to the BBC Radio 5 live today where he says that he doubts if Bahrain GP will  take place and further more he added that if it takes place then the Formula 1 will suffer the enormous damage.

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) which signifies all the teams expect Hispania, will decide with the FIA about the Bahrain Grand Prix. Many F1 teams and drivers will decide till the Canadian grand prix will take place, whether the Bahrain Grand Prix should go ahead or would be unsafe to race.

Motorsport's governing body, the FIA, may change F1 Calendar again by the next week or by the end of this month if all the teams vote to cancel the Bahrain Grand Prix for 30october.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lewis Hamilton: In all honesty I will never stop racing the way I do. It's the way I do it

The eventful Monaco Grand Prix was a disappointed weekend for Lewis. As he faces 2 drive through penalties for overtaking Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and later collisions with Williams Pastor Maldonado.

After the race in one of the interview, frustrating Lewis burst out appalling comments on the stewards and his rivals.“Massa held me up in qualifying, I got the penalty. He turned in to me [during the race], I got the penalty. These drivers are ridiculous. It's stupid." Says Lewis.

Being to the steward 5 times out of 6 races, Lewis describes FIA stewards as a frickin' joke. The reason when asked, Lewis describes "Maybe it's because I'm black. That's what Ali G says”. However this leads him to see steward again for the apologies which he did and to their fans on the social site Twitter.

"Hey guys. I wanted to apologise 4 last weekends performance & also my comments after, I never meant to offend no1," he wrote. "I would also like to say thank u 2 everyone on here, 4 their positive messages & also 2 the angry messages. I can respect them both.

"2 Massa & Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended u. Both of u r fantastic drivers who I regard highly. 2 my fans lost & my fans won, I wish u nothing but love & happiness. God Bless u. onwards & upwards, Montreal next. Lewis."

Further more, he added that his intention is not to stop racing the way he does, but if the situation comes where he has to drive for fourth or fifth place and just cruise around then he might would not stay around for that and might stop racing. "I am here to race and win. If I have to lose that passion then it blows all racing." “In all honesty I will never stop racing the way I do. It's the way I do it," said Hamilton.

"At the end of the day, this is motorsport and we are supposed to see racing. Not many people overtake in Monaco, and I tried to do that. Unfortunately, collisions caused me to have some penalties. I will recover from this weekend, [hopefully with] a win in Canada. It is a big gap [to pace-setter Sebastian Vettel in the world championship standings], but anything can happen."

We will see Lewis in few days time at the Canadian GP where he seems to be positive that he can win the race at the Canadian GP.